"blue" gene tyranny

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"Blue" Gene Tyranny



"The Drifter" Joseph Kubera, piano in his album The Book of Horizons
New World Records 80745-2, 2014

Unseen Worlds Records UW07, 2012

The Stooges: Heavy Liquid (6 CD Collection)
Easy Action Records Ltd. EARS003
(2005, BGT appears under his other name Bob Sheff)

Philip Krumm Formations,
Idea Records 2007 (2004)

Diotima & Ballad in Music from the ONCE Festival,
New World Records 80567, 5 CDs (2003)

Take Your Time,
Lovely Music LCD 1066 (2003)

The Bifurcators Like A Bird in the Wilderness,
Artifact Recordings 1021 (2002)

Robert Ashley's Atalanta (Acts of God), CD 3301(2), 1997

Country Boy Country Dog / How To Discover Music in the Sounds of Your Daily Life,
Lovely Music, Ltd. CD 1065, 1994

Nocturne With and Without Memory, on With and Without Memory,
Lois Svard, piano, Lovely Music, Ltd. CD 3051, 1994

The De-Certified Highway of Dreams,
on "U.S. Choice," Double Edge (piano duo), Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI 637, 1994

Free Delivery,
Lovely Music, Ltd. CD 1064, 1990

Somewhere in Arizona,
on "Imaginary Landscapes," Elektra/Nonesuch 79235-2, 1989

Robert Ashley Celestial Excursions,
Lovely Music LCD 1007, 2 CDs (1985)

Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives,
Lovely Music, Ltd. 2 VHS, 1983
DVD re-issue of original 7 episodes for Channel Four (London) (2005)

The Intermediary,
Lovely Music, Ltd. LP 1063, 1982

Harvey Milk / Portrait,
on Lovely Little Records, Lovely Music, Ltd. LP 101-6, 1980

Just for the Record,
Lovely Music, Ltd. LP 1062, 1979

Out of the Blue,
Lovely Music, Ltd. LP 1061, 1978


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